5 Things You Could be Doing to Make Money At Home as a Virtual Assistant

What if we told you you could be making money from home doing the things you do all the time in your day-to-day life? Would you believe it to be true? 

As an online virtual assistant, you could be providing simple services for $20 per hour or more for online businesses. 

Here are a few tasks you could perform as paid services as an Online Virtual Assistant.

Assisting in Social Media Marketing

Social media agencies and entrepreneurs rely on the help of virtual assistants that support their social media efforts. To allow social media experts to stay in their zones of genius and in their lanes, virtual assistants help with daily tasks like engaging with social media communities, posting to profiles, and more. 

Assisting in Writing

In the digital space, creative writers and copywriters benefit from having a virtual assistant because they’re able to receive support in the operational aspects of their business. 

Virtual assistants help writers stay organized in their digital business, help respond to new customer inquiries, and help them stay active on social media to continue attracting new business. 

Providing Customer Service

One of the most common tasks virtual assistants perform is managing customer service duties in digital businesses. Tasks like managing an email inbox or a chatbox on a website, allow business owners to do what they do best while having the support of a V.A. to manage customer conversations.


Business owners wear many hats and while they’re juggling their business duties, dreams, and everything else, it leaves them little time to research solutions for their business. Virtual assistants can provide research assistance to busy entrepreneurs and find solutions and answers to their burning questions and business needs.

Designing in Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use design platform that allows non-professional graphic design enthusiasts to create eye-catching designs like social media graphics, resumes, presentations, and more. Digital business owners can benefit from having a virtual assistant who regularly creates Canva designs to promote the business, educate their audiences, and more. 

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