Avoid This Common Mistake When Starting a Virtual Assistant Business

You’ve probably found yourself scrolling through hours upon hours of how-to TikToks and Instagram Reels wondering how you can start an at-home business right? In 5 seconds, you can learn something new, gain a new idea, or get inspired. 

In those mini moments, you feel so ready to start a business. You have the tips and hacks, but when it comes time to start building your business, you freeze. Suddenly, you realize that maybe 30 seconds of life hacks didn’t prepare you for the business you dream about! 

Here are 3 reasons to avoid learning how to start your Virtual Assistant business on social media. 

Reason 1: You won’t have all the pieces of the puzzle. 

The never-ending thumb swipe of TikTok scrolling is addictive! Especially when you struck gold in finding a rabbit hole of business tips or ideas. Marketing Maria tells you to start a side-hustle and make $60k in 60 days. Social Media Sarah tells you to change your life and start influencing full-time. 

When you think about how much content and videos you consume in a couch session of scrolling, you’ve probably heard from a handful of different people that specialize in fifty different things. Imagine trying to puzzle piece together every bit of advice you learned. 

It just wouldn’t make any sense. If it doesn’t make sense, how can you even picture the business you want to start? 

The truth is, if you want to start an online business, you have to find out what you want to do. Then, when you identify what kind of business you want to start, follow a proven system that’ll guide you through your first steps. 

Reason 2: You risk wasting your valuable time and energy. 

Benjamin Franklin said “time is money,” if you’re spending hours each day on the endless scroll of social media, you’re wasting your valuable resources. 

If you have time to expend, use it to thoughtfully start and grow a Virtual Assistant business. Instead of wasting your time, invest your time in learning a proven system for starting a business and gaining your first client. 

Reason 3: Social Media doesn’t care if you follow through with your goals. 

When you choose to follow a method that teaches you how to start your online business, you’re going to get the support that social media could never offer you. If you’re serious about becoming an online businesswoman, social media university is not your friend. Consider learning from people that can teach you what you need to know, shadow them, learn from them, and clearly visualize your success. 

For example, in our Full-Time to Freedom Virtual Assistant Course, with your enrollment, you receive 30 days of support from us. When you hit a speedbump in the startup phase of your Virtual Assistant business or when you have questions, we’ll answer them. 

If you want to learn how to start an online Virtual Assistant Business, register for our FREE Webinar that’ll teach you how without getting stuck in the process. 

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