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4 Tips for Marketing Your Virtual Assistant Business on Social Media

So you started your freelancing business in 2022, eh? You’re learning all of the digital things like how to find clients, how to organize your back office, and setting goals. There’s just one thing that keeps you scratching your head; how to use your social media profile for your business!

Social media is the best tool for promoting your freelancing business and growing your audience. Even if you’re an avid social media user, it can be challenging to figure out how to show up professionally on your favorite platform.

Here are a few tips for marketing your business on social media in 2022.

Tip 1: Self-Audit Your Social Media Profile

Before your profile goes public and you start using it for business, spend some time polishing it up. Your profile photo is the first time a potential client will see your face. Don’t turn them away with a distorted filter or a blurry photo from 2019. Make sure your photo is high-quality and shows off your beautiful face.

Go through your posts and archive anything that you’re not proud of. Remove anything that’ll distract your audience from the importance of your business. From here on out, you’ll be posting with intention! Gone are the days are sharing pointless personality quizzes and memes.

While you’re cleaning up your account, ask yourself questions like “would my client hire me if this was on my feed?” Or “would this impress a potential client?” And if the majority of your answers are “no,” it’s time for a profile overhaul!

Tip 2: Strengthen Your Profile with Information

The “about me” or bio section on your profile will be the first place a new visitor sees and it’s your opportunity to make an impactful first impression. Within seconds, your followers should be able to identify who you are, what you do, and how they can contact you.

Without those key pieces of information, you risk confusing your audience and losing out on a potential client or referral. With most social media platforms, you’re able to add an external link directly to your bio, take advantage of that and send people to your website or digital portfolio.

Tip 3: Don’t Underestimate the Power of Social Media Strategy

Without a clear understanding of the purpose of your social media account and how to measure progress, you’ll get swallowed up by the daily tasks of running your account. Before you start using your preferred platform as a client-acquiring source, spend time developing a clear strategy.

A social media strategy provides you guidance on what your goals are, how to measure your achievements, and even who you should be interacting with on a routine basis. Unlike traditional social media use, your business profile should have a purpose and measurable goals.


Tip 4: Provide Your Audience with Easy Access Points

Take advantage of the ability to hyperlink on your profile. With whatever platform you decide to use for business, be sure to lead your audience to connect with you. With handy tools like LinkTree for Instagram, you can send your audience to a contact menu with options based on their specific needs.

To maximize your links, use CTAs (calls to action) in your posts, to send your audience to them. For example; “visit the link in my bio to learn more!” And if the platform allows it, you can always add contact links to your posts, so that interested users can go directly to the source.

Improve Your Social Media Presence, Boost Your Virtual Assistant Business

Keep these tips in mind when building your social media profile. If you can create a strong, professional social media presence, you’ll be able to attract new clients.

To learn about how you can create a strong social media presence by connecting with your audience and sharing your story, you can enroll in our Virtual Assistant Course.

In the course, we’ll teach you about why your voice is important and how your clients can benefit from your social media sharing.

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