About the Success Sips Host, Danielle Demi

Season #1

Drinks are bubblin’ and the microphone is ON!

Welcome to the first episode of the Success Sips Podcast by GrowthFocus.

In today’s episode, you’ll learn more about your host, Danielle Demi! Danielle Demi is the Co-Founder of GrowthFocus.

After becoming a successful Virtual Assistant, Danielle began teaching other women how to start their own online businesses to control their schedules.

We’ll cover:

➡️ Danielle’s background and how she became an online Virtual Assistant Business

➡️ How Danielle met the Co-Founder of GrowthFocus, Liz Illg

➡️ How Danielle decided to create an online course for women

➡️ And how the GrowthFocus brand developed into a lifestyle

If you want to learn about Danielle’s success story and what to expect in this season of the Success Sips Podcast by GrowthFocus, tune in!

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