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3 Pinterest Success Hacks for Your At-Home Business in 2022

Times are changing and so are social media algorithms! Using social media to grow your audience seems daunting at times with so many changes to keep up with all the time. You’ll spend hours upon hours looking for Pinterest success hacks and weeks trying to satisfy the algorithm.

Luckily for you, we’ve called on a friend Priscilia H., a Pinterest Strategist and Manager in our community, and she’s sharing a few of her success secrets.

To strengthen your Pinterest profile and grow your reach on the platform in 2022, here are a few hacks.

Hack 1: Create Fresh Pinterest Pins and Repurpose Content

Now, more than ever, Pinterest is encouraging “fresh pins.”  A fresh pin is a pin that has never been posted and seen on Pinterest before. It seems like a tedious task having to create fresh pins for a piece of content and it can be time-consuming, but it’s a sure way to boost your content on the platform.

You can also repurpose content from other platforms like Instagram or TikTok as your fresh pin content. One of the ways you can maximize a pin is by posting different variations of the pin and creating up to five pieces of unique content.

Hack 2: Create Video Content and Use Pinterest’s Stories Feature

In 2021, Pinterest is heavily encouraging the creation of diverse content types on its platform, like videos, clips, and their new feature, stories. Video content and stories are favored and Pinterest will show those types of posts for a longer period of time on the platform.

One thing to keep in mind for video pins is that those types of posts aren’t clickable as normal pins are. With video pins, you’re able to add a hyperlink to your post but it’ll be an extra step to click through it from the audience’s perspective.

Some platform users wonder if posting stories and video content is even worth it if video hyperlinks are trickier to get to and story posts don’t include any hyperlinking abilities. So, should you post video and story content? The answer is YES, it’s necessary for Pinterest success.

The more you post, the more your content will reach new audiences and increase the chances of your profile visitors and post engagement will grow.

Hack 3: Use Keywords on Your Pins

One of the things you might not realize is that Pinterest is actually a search engine. Unlike other social media platforms, Pinterest is searchable online so when you use keywords and key phrases, your posts will not only be seen on the platform, it can be found on the internet.

To grow your pin viewership and engagement, be sure to use your keywords in the descriptions of your posts, and in the titles of your posts.

You can even strengthen your profile by adding keywords to your Pinterest bio, your boards, board descriptions, and on the pin text overlay.

Stay Consistent for Pinterest Success

Like any other social media platform, consistency is key! The more you can post and shed light on your area of expertise, the more your followers can count on your profile as their guide. With whatever content types you’re creating, be sure to enlighten, educate, or entertain your audience. 

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